Chain Resistant Security Openings

Chain Resistant Security Openings are ideal for any opening which is a main egress point for a group of people. Our patented Trimco 1112 security flush pull handle resists chaining as well as ratchet straps. Additionally, it is manufactured from “CuVerro” – an EPA-registered bactericidal copper alloy proven to kill virus-carrying bacteria on contact. There are no moving parts of the security flush pull to damage, and it is fully serviceable.

A chain resistant security opening should include all of these vital features:

  • Hollow Metal and Aluminum Doors
  • Security glazing for doors and side-lights
  • Rim Exit or Concealed Vertical Rod chain-resistant exit devices
  • Electrified Hardware for access control integration
  • Full mortise continuous hinge featuring concealed wire transfer
  • Restricted High-Security Key System Compatibility


We can make all of this happen for YOUR facility!