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Classroom Lockdown Designed to Cost Effectively Grow From a Mechanical to an Electrical Access Control System

The design and implementation of a “classroom lockdown system” may expand to more than the inclusion of just traditional classrooms. Offices, break rooms, assembly areas and any other meeting space that may house multiple individuals at the same time may be considered for inclusion [...]

Foundational Considerations when designing and implementing an electrical access control security lockdown system

When building a system to monitor and control openings and various peripheral devices that may be used in the security system, all elements from the head end software to the field locking devices at each opening must be taken into consideration. The goal of [...]

“Chain Resistant” A High Priority Feature of the “Security Opening Assembly”

"Chain Resistant" A High Priority Feature of the "Security Opening Assembly" The terminology "chain resistant" is a term used to describe a feature found in a "security opening assembly" and is achieved by using specific door designs and door hardware in an opening that [...]

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